Compliments Corner is the first of its kind and has received a lot of praise thus far!


“You are so wonderfully articulate! I love love love your writing! I see a blood-bought Spirit-filled Ghanaian “Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie” in the making.” – Dr. Phokeng D.
"Your blog is fantastic. Visually, it’s beautiful, and you have a great voice."  - Libby E.

“You approach topics in a very direct and easy to read format, I love that!… “You always know what to say when big things happen.” – Hannah W.

"Says what needs to be said as eloquently as I could ever hope. She's changing things." - Edem D.

“Please keep writing.” – Hannah P.

 "A genuine, authentic, and vulnerable blog." - Matty S.

“IT’S ALL FABULOUS. Your explanation of the website is great (witty, funny, very you)
THE WEBSITE LOOKS GREAT, very organized, visually pleasing.” – Mariah M.

"I believe with my whole heart that you will change the world one day." - Makayla B.

“You’re a wonderful writer and inspiration!” – Julia G.

"It is relatable, funny, and honestly just a good read sprinkled with snippets of wisdom."  - Chaela N.

“I LOVE it when thecurvychristian comes to my email!” – Bria H.

Colors on point, easy read, funny, and motivational. - Steven S.

“I LOVE everything you write. I hope it gets through to people.” – Harmonie C.

Thank you for having this outlet to mentor, teach & share your experience! - Shalom M.

“Please put a cape on your icon because you’re SUPER.” – Nakiyah F.