5 Ways to Practice Holistic Self-Care

Self-Care is more than spa days and shopping sprees. Here are 5 ways to holistically and feasibly structure your life around the practice self-care. [Guest feature: Eboni W. of the FITT Team]

What if Your BEST Move was to Just Stay in Your Lane?

Maybe we’d avoid catastrophic collisions by going the right speed, heading in the right direction and just staying in our lane.

Two Different Dreams: The American Dream and MLK’s Dream

The “American Dream” that we are living out today is not the Dream that Martin Luther King Jr. was referring to. The ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has to be a reality for all people for it to be true for a whole nation.

“The New Christian”

Spoiler alert: I’m a Christian. I know. It’s not like my blog title gave that away or anything. I’m no saint, but I do take my faith pretty seriously. I’ve noticed a shift in what people perceive it takes to be a Christian. On one side, I’ve noticed that, although Christians are not a minority, we’re…