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Dreams Aren’t Just Made For the Dark

Did you know that the dreams you have at night are meant to be lived out in the daytime?

So many people classify dreamers as airy and unrealistic thinkers. But I disagree. We all dream and so we're all "dreamers," but the difference is not all of us actually take action on our dreams. I don't aspire to be a dreamer, I aspire to be a world-changer and that only happens when I make my dreams come to life.

Albert Einstein ascribed the theory of relativity to a dream he had as a young boy.  Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin in his dream—and won a Nobel Prize. Stravinsky, Wagner, and Beethoven heard musical compositions, from fragments to entire canons, in their dreams. And Martin Luther King had a dream that we're still living out today.

Not convinced? Okay, let me take you to the world's bestseller then – The Bible.

One-third of The Bible would be irrelevant without dreams and the manifestation of dreams. In the Old Testament, Abraham had a dream that he would be a father of many nations, Jacob had a dream that Abraham's lineage would carry on through him, Joseph had a dream that his family would bow down to him (and he interpreted others' dreams that led to the fulfillment of his first dream). In the New Testament, Jesus' whole life was hinged on dreams. Joseph, his earthly father, had a dream that his son would be the Son of God and to therefore not divorce Mary, his pregnant fiancée. Joseph also had a dream that he had to flee to Nazareth because the king was going to kill firstborn boys.

If Joseph didn't act on those dreams, then Jesus' story wouldn't be as we know it today. If MLK Jr. didn't act on his dream, then America would be in even worse condition than it is today (oy vey!). Some of the world's greatest discoveries and joys would be non-existent if people didn't follow their dreams.

"Follow your dreams" isn't just some fluffy Disney quote, but a way of life. Keep a journal by your bed. Write down your dreams. Share them with people you trust so you can interpret them together and be held accountable for your actions. Take little steps here and there to make your dreams a reality because dreams were not meant to stay in the dark.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, 
and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." 
- Harriet Tubman