Jesus was a refugee.

We can’t claim to be a Christian nation if Jesus wouldn’t even be allowed within our borders.

Yep, I said it.

Abraham was a refugee. Esther was a refugee. Jacob was a refugee. Moses was a refugee. David was a refugee. JESUS WAS A REFUGEE.

(For more context, check these out: Refugees in the Bible, #FamiliesBelongTogether and )

Self-proclaimed Christians are using their faith to ban people from the United States that The Bible so clearly embraces.

Think of the Good Samaritan.

Be a good neighbor who has mercy on those that are different from you. (Luke 10:25-37)

When people are hungry, feed them. (Isaiah 58:7)

When they are naked, clothe them. (Matthew 25:36)

When they are a stranger, welcome them. (Matthew 25:25)

We are called to love the strangers, the orphans and the widows. Shoot, those very people are at the center of almost EVERY Bible story.

DANIEL was displaced by exile into Babylon (Daniel 1:2‐4,6). JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH  were displaced by political persecutionto Egypt  (Matthew 2:13‐14). THE EARLY CHURCH  was displaced by religious persecution  (Acts 8:1). AQUILA AND PRISCILLA were displaced by ethnic persecution (Acts 18:1-2). JOSEPH was displaced by international human trafficking (Genesis 37:28). ALL OF ISRAEL was displaced from an oppression into the wilderness (Exodus 12:41).

Need I continue?

God’s heart is for the stranger to find a home. In fact, Jesus’ story was orchestrated in a way that His parents had to leave the country so their son could have a safe place to grow up and become the Messiah He was destined to be.

Our faith would have no foundation if there was no country to welcome Jesus in with open arms.

So please, have God’s heart for His children. Don’t get caught up in the hate rhetoric that does not align with His Word.

Let’s actively love our neighbors. It is what’s right and it is our greatest command. And guess what? There are no exceptions to that rule.

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