A Post-Election Prayer (For Everybody)

Dear God,

I truly don’t understand Your plan in all of this, but I’ve decided that I trust You no matter what happens or who is in office. Help me to trust You completely and lean not on my own understanding.

I pray that You bring peace that passes understanding. That hate or bitterness don’t consume us, but rather You give us ideas and strategies to bring healing to our communities, provide for the forgotten and fight for the oppressed.

For others of us, I pray that You remove any hate or pride from our hearts. I pray that we are quick to listen and slow to speak. That we choose to hear the cries of our hurting brothers and sisters instead of any self-righteousness that may be in our hearts.

Christians, I pray that we come together to pray for our new leader. It will not be easy, but let us remember that we are united in the spirit even if we’re divided in the flesh.

God, the feeling of hopelessness is real so please be the “hope of glory” we so desperately need. Remind us that You’re still on the throne and that the power of Trump and Hilary cannot compare to that of the King of Kings.


A Not So Proud, But Still Hopeful, American

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  1. Desiray says:

    And that was my prayer the whole time during this election. That God will surround him with godly leaders and give him wisdom and that the seed of salvation would be planted for his salvation.

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