Firm Foundation

Throughout life, there will be various and, at times, unexpected sharp turns and transitions. In order to stay steady, it’s important to have a firm foundation. To not be easily moved by what’s going on around you.

So I’d encourage you to ask yourself these questions now so that when the “going gets tough” or you’ve forgotten why you started, you can rediscover your roots by reminding yourself of the answers to these questions.

1.Core Values

What are the core values that you learned growing up?

Have you strayed away from them?

2. Nonnegotiables

If put in a life or death ultimatum situation, what are the things that you would never compromise on?

Are they worth dying for?

3. Aspirations

What are your visions, goals, dreams and desires?

Are you still pursuing them? Or have you lost sight of what sets your soul on fire?

4. Mentor Relationships

What does your mentor always tell you?

How are you incorporating their wisdom into your life?

5. Spiritual Relationships

What has God promised you for you life?

Are you trusting Him completely or living like He doesn’t follow through on His promises ?

6. Relationships with Others

Are you helping others pursue their passions? 

How can you better love and help others?

7. Personal Relationship

What are your talents and strengths?

Are they being utilized to their fullest potential?

8. Familial Relationships

What do your family and friends say about you?

Sometimes other people can see things about you that you can’t.


The answers to these questions are most likely the things that hold you together – they are your foundation. Hold close to these truths about yourself. Make sure that they are firm, reliable pillars. That way, when the storms come your way, and I’m sure they will, you can’t be shaken.

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