A #blacklivesmatter Prayer

Dear God,

I’m trying to do work right now, but I can’t. I just watched the video of Alton Sterling’s (a black man shot to death by police for selling CDs) 15-year-old son crying, “I want my daddy” on national television and tears are running down my face. My heart hurts for this injustice.

Fix it please. We are broken. We are divided. We are hurting. We need peace. We need the support of our brothers and sisters – no matter what “side” they are on. This is not about politics. May those who do not understand our hurting have a burning within their hearts – a deep conviction for not seeking to truly grasp the fact that this is a deeply rooted issue of racism and injustice. This isn’t just about merely one of Your children, it’s about history that keeps repeating itself to thousands of Your children. It’s about injustice on so many levels.

God, I know that it takes time to heal, but do a work in us now. Do a work in the hearts of Alton Sterlings’s family, Trayvon Martin’s family, Sandra Bland’s family, Mike Brown’s family, Eric Garner’s family and countless others. We need You more than ever. May we not act in anger that causes us to lose sight of who You are and what You’ve done. May our language and actions still glorify You in the midst of adversity. May our hearts break for what breaks Yours and compel us to take rightful action. Let us stand united for a cause, for a people, for Your people. And though we are getting so tired of this cycle, let this be fuel to move forward in our fight. We can’t wait until heaven for freedom, we need it now.

Trusting in You,

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  1. kmn515 says:

    my last entry is on this topic and I think you should give it a read

    1. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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