Dear White People of Portland and beyond, I love you BUT your hipster culture & progressive utopia aren’t perfect.

“The New Christian”

Spoiler alert: I’m a Christian. I know. It’s not like my blog title gave that away or anything. I’m no saint, but I do take my faith pretty seriously. I’ve noticed a shift in what people perceive it takes to be a Christian. On one side, I’ve noticed that, although Christians are not a minority, we’re…

Jesus was a refugee.

We can’t claim to be a Christian nation if Jesus wouldn’t even be allowed within our borders.

Relationship > Experience

I don’t know about you, but I know that experiences can fade away, but relationship is how you sustain the experiences.

3D Vision

Vision boards are all the craze recently and there’s good reason for it.

My Top 10 People of 2016

2016 has had its ups & downs. But despite its flaws, 2016 has shined a light on some dope people. Here are my TOP 10!

God Sees Color.

Love transcends color, but it does not turn a blind eye to it.